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My name is Aimee Hernandez (@aimhernandez) and I'm a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. Recognized by Canon Canada as 'One2Watch' in their 2018 and 2019 campaigns, my passion for photography was ignited several years ago and since then, I've immersed myself in it completely.


Photography has changed my perspective on life and renewed my appreciation for the simple, everyday things - sunrises & sunsets, rainy days, starry nights. In constant chase of the light, my style tends to lean towards landscapes, cityscapes, urban and travel photography.


Being a typical left-brainer, photography has opened up my creative side and allowed me to explore the world in a new way. From shooting sunsets, waterfalls and the Milky Way, this photography journey has been about finding my own style and improving my technique. I particularly love long exposure photography because it works the both sides of my brain, and demands both an understanding of the technical aspects of long exposures, and a bit of imagination & creativity, to get the shot right.


Feel free to browse my gallery and don't hesitate to reach out if you have specific photo or size requirements, or if you're interested in working with me on future projects.

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